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Huevo Gigante Sorpresa de Plastilina Playdoh de MINECRAFT + Nuevo Terrasect Azul Translucido


Bienvenidos a un nuevo video donde te mostramos los juguetes mas nuevos del momento. Te mostraremos un nuevo TERRASECT en color azul translucido con control remoto, nuevos cutetitos, hairdoorables, minecraft, crossing road y Más.

Yes, the TERRASECT is back…There’s a NEW Translucent Blue version that just hit Wal-Mart shelves a couple of weeks ago!
TerraSect (Translucent Blue) – Terrorize the ground with unstoppable, high-speed alien technology! This out-of-this-world creature boasts stable all-terrain navigation and is easy to maneuver over any surface. Race and slither stealthily along the ground, then activate the relentless rolling attack and watch as Terra-Sect coils and rolls to take down its target! Nothing can stop this creepy creature as it rolls, flips and drives in any direction! Terra-Sect includes a 2.4 Ghz controller with up to 150’ range for indoor and outdoor use. This bold beast is yours to command – unleash the TerraSect!

Stable all-terrain navigation
Relentless Rolling Attack: roll, flip and drive in any direction!
Rights itself after a flip with the push of a button!
2.4 Ghz Controller
Glowing Eyes
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Requires 4x AA batteries and 3x AAA batteries, not included
For kids 8 years and older
Available at Walmart:

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